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 bye bye and good luck everyone

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PostSubject: bye bye and good luck everyone   Sat 16 May 2009 - 23:24

thanks for great times all but its time for me to leave fidelis_animus i joined *~Reliable~* and now is a angel instead of a devil.

Fanyan: your a great head fany ( now deputy ) keep on that cheers

Aewyre: my nub uncle we had many discussions but we are still friends dont let fidelis go under =3

Redice: sometimes a good sometimes a bad deputy i been against most of your choices xD but i still like you as a deputy.

DarkWyvern: nub dark xD 1 of my favorite mages and best friends in fidelis *rapes* xD

Prismatic & SilverSeraphim: you 2 are a nice and cool couple keep your love Smile

Zuka: sorry but i need to do this *rapes zuka 1 last time* xD good luck

Fartrune: nub fart Razz i will miss you my 7 years old brother

Elorah: momma<3 sorry but we cant be in same family

Kiny7: i just ogt you in the fam sister and then i need to leave sorry about that Crying or Very sad

well im to lazy to write more names LOL but every1 good luck and may you have great times without me *rapes every1 1 last time ( except Kiny7 )*
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bye bye and good luck everyone
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